SkyGems Podcast Episode 31: Hatem Mahmoud

“The current K-12 Education does not prepare students for the future. We need to provide the learners of today with the lifelong learning tools and effective 21st century skills that help them prepare themselves in their own way and their own pace for their own future,” said Hatem Mahmoud.

Tune in to SkyGems Academy Podcast Episode 31 – Hatem Mahmoud sharing his ideas, view points and experiences:

“Educators are not the source of knowledge nowadays. Knowledge is everywhere and accessible in a click. We’re just here to help you search for the reliable pieces of knowledge and facilitate ways of using this knowledge to create your own life experience. So it’s your life. You live it your own way. Just take a story or two from your ancestors,” said Hatem Mahmoud.

Hatem’s Podcast trailer available here:

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