We’re a series of podcasts that gives voice to stories, life experiences,  and news for listeners  to learn from the best in their space and the best in the industry.

SkyGems Podcast will take you inside the minds and behind the scenes of successful leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, change agents in their professions and businesses from all over the world.

SkyGems Podcast is a platform for sharing of ideas and experiences to create awareness, spark interests to support SkyGems Podcast listeners to further develop problem solving skills, soft skills and essential life skills such as leadership, growth mindset, resilience, agility, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, environmental sustainability, resourcefulness, communications skills and many more.

Problem solving skills, soft skills and essential life skills are critical skill sets to be obtained and developed. They need to be continuously sharpened to help us to improve and go beyond our comfort zones, to take up new challenges, try new things and way of doing things, and to challenge the status quo.

Discovering 21st Century Skills

In Series 2 of SkyGems Academy Podcast, we will be focusing our discussions and sharing of experiences from change makers and inspiring individuals from all around the world. 

SkyGems Academy Podcast Series 2 speakers are all unique individuals who are highly passionate about making a difference and to help make the world and environment to be a better place for our future generations. Our exclusive speakers are from diverse backgrounds, industries and they will be sharing their personal stories, their career experiences, their future outlook that will inspire listeners at all ages and from all walks of life.

How Covid-19 Transformed The Education Industry

In SkyGems Podcast Series 1, we will take you inside the minds and behind the scenes of successful leaders and educators in the education industry.

SkyGems Podcast is very humbled, honored and privileged to have leaders and educators around the world to join us as guest speakers to share their viewpoints, their unique experiences, challenges faced, how they continuously adapt and change to overcome challenges faced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

You will hear from the leaders in education industry, candidly sharing their views of the changes that will take place in the education industry post Covid-19. The key highlight to each SkyGems Podcast Series 1 episode will be…. (drum rolls)….. the exclusive messages that each leader has for the future generations.

So, sit back, relax and listen to SkyGems Podcast Series 1 – How Covid-19 Transformed The Education Industry. Enjoy SkyGems Podcast!