Climate Action Project starts today!

Want to bring the world into your classroom and send a message sent to… Mars? 

The Climate Action Project will be launched in October 2020 and will unite 10 million teachers and students across 115 countries. All are on the same mission: solving global issues and posting their solutions to the website which is also a platform connecting teachers globally so they can access learning resources, connect, collaborate and be rewarded for their efforts.

This year there will be something very special… Thanks to a partnership with NASA, your students’ messages and drawings will be sent to… Mars! 

Teachers will become part of a global network, which allows them to interact and exchange ideas. They will receive curriculum and guidelines.

Due to covid-19 we modified our programme: you will be able to decide at all times how much time you can and want to spend on the project. It also comes with activities which can be easily taken at home by students during lockdowns.

Read more about the project and register for free:

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