SkyGems Podcast Episode 15: Duriya Aziz

“I think the education industry will see significant changes. It’s like a rubber band. It stretches, and then you release it and compresses it again but it never get back to the original size, right? So to say that things will go back to how they were before would mean that none of us had learnt anything from this episode. So all the stakeholders in education, have been impacted significantly,” Duriya Aziz.

Tune in to SkyGems Academy Podcast Episode 15 -Duriya sharing her ideas, view points and experiences:

“We will be faced with challenges all the time. Every generation has had challenges that were unprecedented. A positive attitude that is committed to being part of a better tomorrow, will stand us in good stead at a personal level and as a society at large,” Duriya Aziz.

Duriya’s Podcast trailer is available here:

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