Marcela Rueda

Head of Pre-school Colegio Anglo Colombiano


Marcela was born in Bogot√° Colombia in a family of six children with two different nationalities and backgrounds. Two American siblings from the first marriage of her father and 4 Colombians. This particular characteristic made her family diverse and created a need to speak English and understand another culture since she was very young.

As a child and young adult, she loved practicing different sports such as basketball, horseback riding and squash and participated in different competitions in all those sports. As a hobby Marcela loved cooking with her father every weekend and this instill in her a passion for cooking all sorts of different dishes and flavours. She believes that food connects people, cultures and shows how diverse and rich is our world.

Since very young, Marcela became an Early childhood educator and has been passionate about how children learn, grow and build their own image of the world with our guidance and support. She has worked in education for more than 35 years and still in love with this amazing and never boring career!

After following different curriculums and approaches, she fell in love with PYP and for the last 18 years have worked following this programme which offers students a fantastic way to construct their learning.

As an educational leader for many years, Marcela learns every day from the educators and children around her. Being a leader is more like being a facilitator, as teachers and children will do it all.