Khadijah Tou Tou

IB PYP Teacher, Student Representative Council Advisor at Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School

Virginia, USA

Khadijah Tou Tou has been in the education industry for more than 12 years, beginning when she was a 16 year old High School student, working part time as a Montessori Teacher. She has experience teaching ESL in training schools to both children and adults, created reader’s theatre drama workshops to middle school students and hosts various mental health workshops. She is currently an IB PYP Teacher and Student Representative Council Advisor at Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School (WFLPS).

Tou Tou is originally from the USA and took a break from teaching to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalism, working alongside of companies such as CBS and iHeartRadio. She quickly realized that the best way to understand, educate and increase awareness in society is through education. In 2015 she made the decision that the news industry wasn’t for her and went to China with the intention to learn a different culture. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with its polar opposite differences and decided to remain there ever since.

Tou Tou is mostly known for her enthusiasm and optimistic attitude in the classroom. Implementing agency is an important practice in her pedagogy because it encourages independent inquiry and self efficacy. She believes her greatest asset in teaching are her relationships with her students, parents and co teacher. She suggests that education should be taken from an, “It Takes A Village” perspective. Tou Tou also loves to participate in Professional Development (PD) opportunities, where she takes full advantage of networking. Her latest PD was at Harvard University where she gained a certificate in, “Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions.” She knows the greater she can expand her own mind, she will be able to teach her students how to do the same.

Khadijah Tou Tou is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion within the education system and her works outside of school are reflective of that. She is the host of the podcast “In Trance”, a producer and screenwriter for playwrights, an author, a Reiki Healer, a Gifted Speaker, an Improvisation Artist and a Singer with the voice of an angel. “What can I say? I love the arts!”

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