Günter  Boos

Principal at SIBSS (Swiss International Boarding School)


Günter had started his teaching career at Grammar Schools, since 1970. Since then, he had been a teacher’s trainer, a university teacher at University of Frankfurt for 19 years, principal of Albert-Einstein-Gymnasiums (Grammar School) in Maintal, Germany, until the year 2000.

In the year 2000, he came to Singapore and was the Principal of German European School Singapore for 9 years. He was back in Europe and had held many positions, before settling down to his current position as the principal at SIBSS – Swiss International Boarding School.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany in the year 1948, he has been married for forty-six years. He has a daughter and one grand daughter. His hobbies are working, reading, travelling, being curious of all things in the world and of course, spending time with his grand daughter.

Günter enjoys exploring new ways for learning. He has a motto that is close to his heart:
Nothing is made for eternity and carved in stone!