Margo Furbert

Learning Support Teacher and Maths Coordinator Warwick Academy Primary


Margo Furbert is an *“Onion”. That’s what Bermudians call those who were born and raised in Bermuda – a beautiful, 21-square-mile island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 700 miles off the coast of North Carolina, USA. She achieved her BSc in Education in the United States, then returned to her homeland where she has been dedicated to educating and inspiring primary-aged children for the past 38 years. “I remember some of my teachers were just plain boring,” says Margo, “and I vowed to never be that kind of teacher.”

After graduating from university, Margo married Lance and decided to stay at home to begin her family. She tutored privately until both of her children, Leah and Jamin, began attending primary school. During this time, she also operated a home-based cake decorating business. 

Considering herself a late-bloomer in the education arena, Margo was a substitute teacher and part-time art and P.E. teacher before landing a full-time teaching position at Warwick Academy, the oldest school in continuous operation in the Western Hemisphere. Starting a full-time teaching position at age 41 meant that Margo had to keep abreast of the changes in education in order to “remain current”.  She has attended conferences, workshops and courses throughout Bermuda, the US and the UK. In 2014, she received a Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Development (UK).

At Warwick Academy, Margo has held the position of Upper Primary Coordinator and is currently the Year 5 & 6 Learning Support Teacher and Maths Coordinator. She also conducts booster classes for new Year 5 students. Margo has led the primary school through its transition into the UK National Curriculum for mathematics, and has been the driving force behind its recently-adopted Singapore approach to teaching mathematics. Margo has led maths workshops for teachers and parents, and has helped to expand the curriculum through problem-solving initiatives for students in an effort to create enthusiasm towards mathematics.

In her spare time, Margo enjoys reading, gardening and is learning how to play the piano. A born-again Christian, she is an active member of her church where she continues her passion for working with children. 

Margo and Lance spent many summers traveling extensively across the US and Canada by motorhome. They recently sold their motorhome and had decided that cruise ship travel would be their new form of seeing the world – until Covid 19 arrived!

*In the 1800s, Bermuda was a major exporter of onions to the United States.

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