Ummesalma Rizvi

Executive Principal Shijiazhuang Hanlin International School

Shijiazhuang, China

Umm-e- Salma has been serving in China as a foreign expert for the past one decade. Recently, she has been serving in Shijiazhuang city as Executive Principal and is mainly responsible to serve the Primary school and Kindergarten.

Umm-e- Salma Rizvi started her career nearly 18 years ago from a K-12 school as a teacher and soon earned a very good reputation in the local and international community on the ground of her sound academic approaches. She has served on many different leadership positions demonstrating industrious efforts and working spirit. She believes in transformation of knowledge in an appropriate manner where learning is taken as a source of responsibility and obligation.

Umm-e- Salma is a lifelong learner and she has been learning throughout her life while serving on different positions. She possesses a great interest in professional development and teacher training, curriculum development and monitoring and school leadership.

Umm-e- Salma believes in her research skills as her strength when it comes to map and devise the curriculum, plan a PD or a CPD. In  her previous working assignments, she has devised the Foundation Curriculum (FC) at Kindergarten level targeting PLSC (Primary and Lower Secondary Curriculum by Pearson), International Baccalaureate(IB) and Early Year Foundation Stages(EYFS)  which facilitated her staff and learners greatly.

In May 2018, she was honoured to take charge of Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs) as Program Leader (PL). She has been nominated as the Program Leader (PL) at University of Cambridge till 2021.

Umm-e- Salma believes in teamwork and as a leader she works in a close relation with her peers. She is a quick learner and a follower of the instructions and which she receives from her leadership.She possesses adequate skills in self-organization.She introduces herself as a learner, educator and an innovator in teaching and learning and believes that when a teacher enters the classroom then learning begins as a two-way process in which both children and the teacher are actively involved. The teacher plays the role of a facilitator, a coach, a mentor and a guide to nurture the learners and their learning abilities. A teacher is the one who is aware of his duties and responsibilities whereas a leader is the one who facilitates his/her people in performing such duties with great diligence following integrity and selflessness. A leader is the key person who realizes the importance of his/her role and plays a visible and vital role in shaping the overall structure of the whole learning environment.

Umm-e- Salma strongly believes that a leader must not only be a qualified person in a specific field but should possess the passion of lifelong learning to benefit his people. A leader holds manifold responsibilities and every single piece of responsibility pairs with some challenges at the same time. Being a leader, one needs to understand the working environment thoroughly and should prepare himself to deal with all these challenges with a broad vision.

Umm-e- Salma believes that as a school leader, one must focus on the two specific factors i.e. students’ success rate and teachers’ further development. To focus on these two key factors, a leader should establish rapport with both students and teachers as students’ success is conditional to outstanding teaching and an outstanding teaching comes from those educators and teachers who strive for brining quality and diversity in their teaching style.

Umm-e- Salma sense of humor helps her solving many problems that a leader encounters while dealing with different day-to-day affairs. Umm-e- Salma is a nature-lover. She possesses great aesthetic sense and enjoys glass painting, oil painting, flowermaking, baking, interior decoration and playing guitar in her spare time.