Julia Reynen

Founder & Principal Advisor Culture Innovator


Born in London Ontario, Canada Julia first moved abroad as an international student at the age of 18 and has since lived, worked and studied in six countries across three continents. An educator at heart, Julia is a millennial on a mission to positively disrupt leadership and workplace culture as we know it. She is a global leader in education and training with over a decade of experience serving diverse international communities and impacting a global audience with 15,000 hours of leadership, facilitation, coaching and mentoring.

Recently Julia co-founded and launched Clear Crossing Academy which is an online social learning network for professionals to engage, learn and grow.

Clear Crossing Academy delivers robust, structured online courses and social learning support in three critical and interrelated areas: leadership, culture and storytelling. Julia leads curriculum development and partnerships which is informed by her work in international education and leadership consulting as Founder & Principal Advisor of Culture Innovator.

Julia's Podcast Trailer available here: