Hatem Mahmoud

Boys Principal MYP-DP Advanced Learning School


I started developing the passion towards teaching in 2005, teaching adults and post-graduate students in MODLY then AUC, Egypt. My K-12 education career started at Oasis, a leading IB school in Cairo, 2012 and never regretted since then. From teaching adults to training teachers, then teaching K-12 and joining the IBEN, I finally found my purpose.

Teaching to me is coaching, acting, as well as facilitating. A teacher is not anymore, the source of knowledge for learners. Three-dimensional teaching of content, skills and concepts paves the way for life-long learning embedded in social and emotional well-being.

Being part of the IB educators’ network, IBEN, is a great privilege and win-win situation. As much as you give your time and effort, as much as you take hands-on experiences that can never be just read or taught.

Transformational leadership and change management drive my day to day practices in educational leadership positions I take. Having a clear vision and empowering teams to deliver and reach their goals in a timely manner without adding much stress to the process is a practice I enjoy.

I am looking forward to positively influencing educational reform in the middle east and helping curriculum development and enhancement as well as schooling practices in general, affecting students, parents, teachers and non-academic staff concerned.