Marika Toivola

Pioneering Teacher of Flipped Learning and Flipped Assessment University of Helsinki


Marika Toivola, MA, is the most well-known Finnish pioneering flipped learning teacher. She graduated both a trained physicist and a subject teacher in mathematics and physics in 1999. In 2012, she stopped direct teaching, after which her development goal as teacher has been to see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers. Marika is engaged in groundbreaking and award-winning work to enhance mathematics teaching. She has been awarded the Mathematics Teacher of the Year in Finland Award in 2019. 2013, the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation gave Marika an incentive scholarship and recognized her efforts in promoting open access learning materials.

Today, Marika is one of the most sought-after Finnish trainers of flipped learning and formative assessment. Her books Flipped Learning in Finland and Flipped Assessment – A Leap towards Assessment for Learning have encouraged thousands of teachers to join her in the long-term development of their own role as teachers. In addition to her teaching work at the lower secondary school in Teacher Trainer school a Turku University, Marika is pursuing a PhD in educational science at the University of Helsinki. Her doctoral thesis focus on teacher’s agency and identity in Flipped learning and it contributes to existing research knowledge in two ways. On the one hand, it helps understand the process of conceptualization of the phenomenon of FL particularly from math teacher perspective. On the other, the study is contributing in particular to efforts at promoting a change in the teaching of mathematics. Marika has started her doctoral dissertation to become a better teacher. In her books, she justifies theoretically that which she has brought into practice, and not the other way around.

Marika is a mother of four school-aged children, and she is passionate about ending the homogenisation of both students and teachers. She does not give praise to the current, performance-oriented focus in schools, where there is no room for failure. According to Marika, children should be educated to meet the needs of tomorrow. The future requires courage and creativity that will differentiate people from machine intelligence.

Flipped Learning in Finland and Flipped Assessment – A Leap towards Assessment for Learning are available on Amazon.

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