Khadijah Tou Tou is a Cultural Empowerment Mindset Coach, International Educator and Author of “My Thoughts Are Dangerous”.  She works globally with private and public schools as well as businesses and individuals to bring cultural awareness to social connections. She believes the way forward is through information, mentorship and setting achievable goals.

Khadijah specializes in product and content development partnered with business and classroom culture refinement. She’s worked with over 2000 students world-wide, teaching concept-driven prospectus and providing the best tools to accept International Mindedness. 

She is trained by the World’s Most Renowned Motivational Speaker, Mr. Les Brown and mentored by Bob Proctor’s Top Wealth and Mindset Coach, Mr. Jon Talarico. 

She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Journalism and African American Studies. Upon graduation, she moved overseas to work in China for 5 years, where she became a top-tier educator as an International Teacher. Through professional and community ventures, Khadijah has extended her knowledge of self-awareness, culture and the art of using your voice to youth and adults.