Holiday Bootcamp

Leadership Masterclass + Mini SkyRace

Next Bootcamp Dates in Singapore:
22nd & 23rd June 2021, 9-5pm
20th & 21st July 2021, 9-5pm

Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601 (nearest MRT: Paya Lebar)

Masterclass outline

Introduction & ice breaking session
Foundation & Values
Communication Skills

Teamwork & Collaborations
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills
Pasta Egg Tower Challenge

#Mini SkyRace

#Mini SkyRace is conducted indoors
*Lunch provided

Students in the age group 9-12 years.

SGD 599 for two days Bootcamp


SGD 479 for two days Bootcamp

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Life Skills and Survival Skills


The pasta and egg tower challenge was my favourite in the Leadership Masterclass as it was pretty nerve racking but creative and fun too!
10 Years Old
I enjoyed all the activities as they help me to practice the skills taught. I learn to communicate, collaborate and that teamwork is very important especially during the pasta challenge and SkyRace.
12 Years Old
I think it was the activity i enjoyed most that day!! After spending a few hours indoors learning about leadership, communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills, it felt really good to finally go outdoors and get moving about while simultaneously being able to apply all the skills we learnt from earlier. SkyRace had us traveling in teams around Singapore and doing different tasks at certain places. The trainers were only there to supervise us, meaning that we only had ourselves and the new knowledge we had gained from the leadership masterclass to rely on. We were solely responsible for whether we won the race or not so everyone was very competitive, but that was what made it fun! It really put our skills to the test. We had to use critical thinking skills to debunk clues to find the next pitstop, and the teamwork and communication skills we learnt came in very handy too. As I was the older one of our team, I also had to use the leadership skills I learnt to ensure that my team was going in the right direction and working as efficiently as possible. Overall, I think SkyRace was the perfect way to wrap up the day, requiring us to recap all the skills we learnt and having loads of fun at the same time 🙂
16 Years Old
From the activities like the 'Broken Telephone' and SkyRace, I learnt that patience is very important. We should not hurry as we can't think properly. We need to be calm when we handle the situation.
10 Years Old