SkyGems Podcast Episode 25: Jasmyn Wright

“Know that you’re worthy. You were born with a purpose and a set of gifts that set you apart. They make you who you are. There’s a reason behind your story. There’s a reason why you think the way that you think. There’s a reason why everything your life is the way it is. It is to help to make your gift stronger,” Jasmyn Wright.

Tune in to SkyGems Academy Podcast Episode 25 – Jasmyn Wright sharing her ideas, view points and experiences:

“Know your talents, your calling, your gifts are powerful. They’re powerful enough to change the world. Believe in your purpose. Know that they can or you can push through anything that you put your mind to,. Do not allow anyone else to tell you otherwise, not even yourself,” Jasmyn Wright.

Jasmyn’s podcast trailer available here:

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